As part of the digital transformation strategy, the AESW together with the Skolkovo Innovation Center is implementing a pilot project to introduce advanced IT technologies.

The project goal is to automate the processes of end-to-end monitoring of operational assets in the metallurgical production.

The following tasks are to be performed throughout the project:

  • Optimization of business processes based on the MES and ERP integration platform;
  • Real-time tracking of operational and economic characteristics of products with a digital product passport;
  • Minimizing equipment downtime and increasing the product yield;
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes based on the analysis of information collected.

  • The use of new digital technologies will reduce equipment downtime by 15%, as well as this will increase labor productivity by 10%, and energy efficiency - by 20%.

    Project steps include introduction of optical and laser 2D/3D video analytics, a common digital platform and a digital model of production lines and products, as well as the factory will use the production management based on the big analytics using big data from the automated process control system with the artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    The use of digital solutions at the Abinsk Electric Steel Works will increase the level of competitiveness and reduce costs.